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You may not know how much of an impact you are making and the work is hard! Everyone down there appreciates what you are doing for them even if they don’t seem like it sometimes. I lived on a Caribbean island for 3 years through 2 small hurricanes and it was uncomfortable to say the least. You lose all connection with the world and sometimes rock fever sets in and you just want OUT. Easy to say when the island isn’t your native home. Imagine if you didn’t know life any other way but on an island. PR and the USVI is struggling hard financially since the close of Hovensa (on St. Croix). They lost over $6B revenue. Without your help, they may never have recovered from the devastation of Irma, Jose and Maria. Smile! Be safe! Eat different foods, Salt fish, johnnie cake, patty (pronounced pattae), conch (fried is best), roti, plantain, cubanos (PR has some of the best), kineps, goose berry (sour!), stewed goat, callaloo (like spinach) and star fruit (carambolas). Then take a night off and have fun in Old San Juan!!! Listen to some reggaeton or calypso. Do some tours and take a seaplane to Vieques if you can. Thank you again for helping PR. Being down there among the people is a life changing event. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

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