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I know that all work and no play can make life seem dull. Sometimes we do get weary in well – doing. But I want to encourage you that you truly are doing a good work; a necessary work; a fundamental-to-life work to help your neighbor, your fellow man — and in this life there is no higher calling; no higher honor; no higher privilege than to use your skills to profit all and to lay down your own life for someone else. That’s the stuff that legends, superheroes, and Nobel peace prize winners are made of … And right now, that is exactly who you are — to those in Puerto Rico who need you and to us who also miss you at home. Embrace it and let it strengthen you again from within to persevere as long as it takes until your work is complete. Please stay focused and be super safe, then this will only be temporary and you will be home to enjoy family and loved ones before you know it. In the mean time know that we are supporting from afar and beaming with joy and the pleasure of knowing that you are representing us well by being a force for growth and prosperity everywhere you go in North America! I salute you. May God bless, keep, and reward you now and evermore.

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